Centre Establishment

Centre Establishment

The Study Lamp offers the franchise for TSL Counselling and Guidance Centre. This franchise will help to improve the quality of the service of the business and to increase the base of counselling beneficiaries. The extensive base of counselling beneficiaries will help to increase service module and to connect counselling requiring people. Person dedicated towards counselling and guidance service can contact us to get the opportunity to be part of The Study Lamp.

What are the trends of Counselling in India?

The significant size of a young population and a declining dependency ratio brings huge potential market of counselling in India for a demographic dividend .But the challenges ahead of this market which need to be addressed for fully reaping this unique dividend in the global scenario.

Counselling has become an important part of career planning since its inception in 19th century America. This profession earlier exclusively focused on job placement advice but now counselling & guidance is provided by professional counsellors by using a complex blended model of subject matter expertise supported by predictive science. Information Technology has fueled digital applications with physical in-person counselling services. This evolutionary development in counselling perfectly complements the ever-changing world of work, allowing millions of students to explore both conventional as well as unconventional employment opportunities in India.

While promising talent is abundant nationwide, but the students are not awareness different career opportunities. Most of the students from tier 2 & 3 cities are aware of only 7 career options which accounts of 93% of Indian students as per the report cited by India Today. Millions of students end up subscribing to conventional career choices. This kind of lack of knowledge is also highly prevalent among the various students. The parents or relatives have an immense influence on these students in making career plans. Student are only focusing into traditional professions like engineering, doctor, lawyer, teaching, etc., without analyzing their interests, abilities and aptitudes.

As per the Government report, the number skilled employed are reducing in rapid manner. Statistics also states to a skill mismatch between the youth of India and available careers. According to a 2020 report of Niti Aayog, 90% of the labour force are involved in informal sector, while most of the workforce are suffering from poor education, insufficient skill development program, and a complete unawareness about new career opportunities. Unfortunately, a good numbers institutions from tier 2 & 3 cities offer professional counselling and guidance services with trained and certified counsellors. Yet there is need of 1.5 million counsellors to grab thie huge market of India. However there are a limited number of counsellors in India, they are restricted in the range of services and modules which they can offer.

The counselling gap is very high in India. As per the reports, more than 400 millions people need counselling to find the bright and right future for them. Parents are highly concerned now about their child's career in this modern and competitive market. The awareness of counselling is very limited in Indian culture and it is restricted limited regions across India. The most effective way to check this demand of counselling and lack of knowledge is by increasing students’ awareness and accessibility channels to counselling services. As per the 2021 IC3 Institute Student Quest Survey provided an insight that around 82% of students consider career counselling is imperative of part of their career planning.

With respect to the current situation pandemic-led employment criteria has been changed, the need for counselling is increasing very high than ever. The time has come to realise that career counselling can bridge between education and work and it is vitally relevant and importan while choosing a right career. Spreading the awareness of the importance of counselling in tier 2 & 3 cities across India has become the urgent call now. The non-metro regions will be helpful in magnifing this demand of counselling.

How our Counselling Centre help solving the career issues?

In a world where careers are constantly evolving, high-quality and professional counselling is the only reliable basis for the students' uncertain future. To bring the impact on students positively in this ever-changing job landscape, there is a need to support the students and young genration across India’s grassroots. TSL aim is to help every student across India to make a bright future by resolving all doubts.
TSL Counselling and Guidance Centre will develop an interconnected network of counsellors and guidance experts who will unite to build a supportive and effective counselling ecosystem in India.

What is the market condition of Counselling India?

Counselling Market in India is huge as more than 400 million people in India need of counselling and guidance as per the report of India Today. Against this huge market of India need minimum 1.5 million counsellor to serve the people.
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