Counselling for Career Planning

Counselling for Career Planning

Counselling Plan Features

  • Personality Analysis and Assessment
  • 2 Dimensional Assessment with Sr. Psychologists
  • Consultation with Academic Expert
  • Planning Assessment By CASA Method
  • Job Guidance by Field Expert, If required
  • PDF Report ( WhatsApp + Email )
4-6 Steps Process

Consultation Charges

  • Total Service Time 1 hour
  • Service Limit Daily 1 Service
  • Price per service
    2500.00 INR 1150.00
  • Online booking available Book Now

What is Counselling for Career Planning?

If you are not sure about your career and confused about what to do, you should take the benefit from counselling for career planning. This counselling for career planning will help you to introspect about yourself, explore your interest and values and let you aware the career choices that is best fit your personality. This counselling for career planning will also help you to understand the challenges that might prevent you from pursuing life and career goals. It will help in developing self-confidence and boost motivation towards a brighter future.

Career planning is not a single day task. Counselling for career planning is, therefore, a process under which self-assessment, personality analysis, career exploration and informed decision making are taken. A professional career counsellor guides you through this process and provide you the best guidance. Career planning can be stressful process, so, the professional career counsellor will also support you to develop coping mechanism with any emotional or psychological issues that may arise during your career journey.

Counselling for career planning is very useful for the individuals of different life stage. Whether they are school students, college under graduates or post graduates or a new career professionals. During the career planning, an individual may face many challenges in their career. The goal of career counselling is to provide support to individuals to make informed career decisions so that they can achieve their best self with full potential.

Benefits of Counselling for Career Planning

There are following benefits of counselling for career planning for individuals who are seeking guidance and support in their career paths:

  • Increased Self-Awareness: With the help of career counselling individuals become able to understand their skills, interests, and values, which are very important factors in choosing a career path.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Career counsellors assist people in making well-informed decisions on their educational and professional pathways by offering advice and support.
  • Clarity of Career Goals: Career counselling makes it simpler for individual to create a plan to accomplish their career goals by helping them identify and clarify them.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction: Individuals are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs when they choose a career path that fits with their beliefs, interests, and skill set.
  • Career Advancement: Career counseling can assist people in acquiring the abilities and know-how required to progress in their careers.
  • Reduced Stress: With the help of career counselling, individuals become able to manage the stress and uncertainty associated with making career decisions.
  • Improved Financial Stability: Having a well defined and informed career decision, individuals will have a right career path which is more likely to bring financial stability and success in their careers.

Facts & Stats Related Problems in Counselling for Career Planning

  • Career Confusion:
    Around 60% Indian Student are confused about their future career choices, according to McKinsey report. It signifies the importance of career counselling of students to identify their interest, values and strength so that they can make an informed career decisions.

  • High Unemployment:
    A report introduced by International Labour Organization says that India is having one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the world. In such a scenario, the need of career counselling for students has become inevitable to prepare for the job market.

  • Skill Development:
    As per the India Skills Report 2021, Around 45% Indian students are employable. Hence, It is inevitable for students to identify the skills required for the chosen career and develop skills with the help of career counselling.

  • Gender Disparities:
    As per the report produced by UNESCO, only 26% Indian women are employed. Career counselling can be helpful to bridge this gender gap in employment and can empower women to pursue a bright career.

  • Regional Disparities:
    Around 75% Indian students in rural areas attend government schools which often lack the necessary infrastructure and required resources for career counselling, as per the report presented by National Sample Survey. It will help in bridging the rural-urban divide and provide equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

  • Lack of Exposure:
    As per the survey conducted by Aspiring Minds, approx. 36% Indian graduates have never participated in any kind of career counselling or guidance program. It is very important to provide them exposure to various career options available in the market with the help of career counselling. Career counselling will help students to make informed career decisions.

  • Parental Pressure:
    According to a survey conducted by Pearson Education, around 87% Indian parents exert pressure on their children to pursue a particular career path. This parental pressure blocks the student's ability to seek or explore various career opportunities as per their interests. Career counselling will be helpful for students to make an independent and informed career decisions.

  • Lack of Industry-Academia Connect:
    There is a significant gap between the skills taught in the educational institutions in India and the skills required by the industries, according to the report produced by the Confederation of Indian Industry. Career counselling will play a significant role in bridging this gap by providing the required information on industries trend and their skill requirements.

  • Limited Exposure to Non-traditional Careers:
    In a report presented by Aspiring Minds, around 80% of Indian graduate students prefer to pursue such careers which are in the traditional fields of engineering, management and accounting. The exposure to non-traditional and new emerging careers can be drawn by career counselling with the help of which a student can explore various career options.

  • Lack of Soft Skills:
    Career counselling is very helpful for the students to identify and develop the soft skills. for example communication, teamwork and problem-solving. It is very important to develop such soft skills. A survey conducted by the National Employability Report displayed that around 4.77% Indian graduated possess the necessary soft skills required by employers.

  • High Drop-out Rates:
    As per the report presented by the Ministry of Education, around 30% students drop out of school before completing secondary education in India. Career counselling can give guidance and support to the students who are at risk of dropping out to identify alternate career paths.

  • Limited Access to Higher Education:
    According to a report presented by the National Sample Survey, Only 11% Indian aged 18-23 are enrolled in higher education institutions. Career counselling can help student by providing information on different options for higher education.

  • Language Barriers:
    Language barriers can limit the students' potential. As per the report of National Sample Survey, around 45% Indian speak languages other than Hindi or English. Because of this language barrier, students have access to limited career resources and opportunities that are available only in these languages. Here, career counselling can be beneficial as it can provide support in regional languages and it can ensure that language barrier shall not limit access to career opportunities.

  • Limited Awareness of Scholarships:
    According to a survey conducted by Buddy4Study, around 70% Indian students are unaware of the scholarships available for them. Scholarships can be helpful for students who want to pursue higher education. It can overcome financial barriers to their career aspirations. Career counselling can provide information on available scholarships and help students apply for them.

  • Limited Access to Internships:
    According to the India Skills' report, around 38% Indian students have access to internships. It is noticeable that internship is very beneficial for students as it provide valuable work experience and exposure to different industries. Career counselling can be helpful in providing information on available internships.

Why is Counselling for Career Planning Important?

Counselling for career planning is highly important for student in order to make a bright future as it helps students to make an informed decisions. It helps students to explore their interest, values, strength and weaknesses. It provides a platform to students to understand the job market and requirements for different career opportunities. Besides, career counsellor assists the students in overcoming any barriers or obstacles comes in making a career plan and provide guidance on educational and training opportunities. Counselling for career planning helps in increasing job satisfaction and success as students become able to make informed decisions that align with their personal and professional goals. Ultimately, counselling for career planning can play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

In addition to this, counselling for career counselling help students in identifying potential challenges or difficulties in their current & desired career goals. It provides strategies for overcoming these challenges as well. It can also help individuals assess their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for personal and professional growth. 

In the conclusion, career counselling provides valuable support and guidance for students at all stages of their careers. It can help individuals make informed career decisions, overcome challenges, and achieve their career aspirations, leading to increased job satisfaction and success.

Who Should opt for Counselling for Career Planning?

Counselling for career planning is highly beneficial for anyone regardless of age, background, or career stage. Following are the individuals who can take benefit from counselling for career planning service::

  • Students who are in high school or college and exploring career options.
  • Students who have recently graduated and are entering the job market for the first time
  • Individuals who are unsure about their career goals or interests
  • Individuals who want to explore different career options and pathways
  • Individuals who need guidance on how to prepare for their desired career
  • Individuals who face challenges or barriers in pursuing their career aspirations
  • Individuals who want to enhance their skills and competencies for their current or future career
  • Individuals who are experiencing stress, anxiety, or dissatisfaction with their work or study situation
Besides these, any other individual can take benefit from counselling for career planning service regardless of any specific circumstances. If you are looking for support and guidance in making informed decisions about your career, counselling for career planning may be a valuable resource.

Feature of Counselling for Career Planning

The Study Lamp is a career solution platform and the best online career counselling service provider. The Study Lamp offers a comprehensive  online counseling for career planning . The Study Lamp focuses on personalized guidance and holistic development of the students. In order to ensure effective career counselling, The Study Lamp provide the key features and approaches utilized in counselling for career planning service:

Personality Analysis and Assessment:

For an effective career planning, it is very important to understand an individual's personality traits, interests, and strengths. The Study Lamp's professional career counsellor conducts in-depth personality analysis and assessments using validated tools and techniques. Having evaluated factors such as aptitude, values, and career preferences, the career counsellor gain a valuable insights into the individual's unique characteristics. This analysis builds the foundation for developing personalized career counseling strategies.

Two-Dimensional Assessment with Senior Psychologists:

Under the counselling for career planning, a two-dimensional assessments is conducted that involve experienced senior psychologists specializing in career counselling. With the help of these assessment, a comprehensive understanding of the individual's academic abilities, interests, and goals is developed. Through these interactive discussions, the senior psychologists delve into the individual's skills, aspirations, and potential career paths. This holistic approach enables them to guide individuals towards suitable career options based on their strengths and goals.

Consultation with Academic Expert:

The Study Lamp provides consultations with academic experts to ensure accurate and relevant career guidance,  These experts possess extensive knowledge and experience across various academic disciplines and career fields. It offer insights into career trends, job market demands, and educational pathways. The consultations help individuals gain a clear understanding of the requirements and prospects of different career options, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Planning Assessment by CASA Method:

The Study Lamp employs the CASA method for planning assessments. This method helps individuals identify their capabilities, aptitudes, skills, and aspirations in relation to various career paths. The Study Lamp utilizes this assessment to provide guidance on suitable career choices, further education options, and potential career development strategies.

Job Guidance by Field Expert, if Required:

For individuals seeking specific guidance in a particular career field, The Study Lamp offers job guidance by field experts. These experts have extensive experience and knowledge in their respective fields. It provides a insights into the industry, career progression, skill requirements, and networking opportunities. This specialized guidance helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of their chosen career paths and make informed decisions.

PDF Report (WhatsApp + Email):

To ensure continuity and easy access to the counselling process, The Study Lamp provides PDF reports summarizing the career counseling sessions and recommendations. These reports are shared with individuals through convenient channels such as WhatsApp and email. The reports serve as a valuable resource, allowing individuals to revisit the key insights, career options, and action plans discussed during the counseling sessions. This helps individuals stay organized, track their progress, and implement effective career planning strategies.

In conclusion, The Study Lamp is the best online career counseling service in Dehradun, offering exceptional online  counselling for career planning. Through features such as personality analysis and assessment, two-dimensional assessments with senior psychologists, consultation with academic experts, planning assessment by the CASA method, job guidance by field experts (if required), and providing comprehensive PDF reports, The Study Lamp ensures comprehensive support for individuals in their career planning journey. Their personalized approach and commitment to the success of its beneficiaries make them an excellent choice for career counseling.

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