राष्ट्रीय सहारा-GIC छात्राओं को भविष्य निर्माण के दिए टिप्स

Media Coverage

Published On: 21 May, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, choosing the right career path has become increasingly challenging for young individuals. To address this issue and provide valuable guidance, the renowned educational organisation, The Study Lamp Team, organised a transformative Career Counselling Guidance Program called "Manthan" at Mussoorie Girls Inter College on May 20, 2023. The event garnered significant attention and was covered by the esteemed Rashtriya Sahara Newspaper on page 6 of their Mussoorie/Vikasnagar edition.

Setting the Stage for Empowering Young Minds

The Career Counselling Guidance Program aimed to empower young minds by providing them with insights into various career options, guiding them through the decision-making process, and assisting them in setting achievable goals. The Study Lamp Team, known for their expertise in career counselling and mentoring, collaborated with Mussoorie Girls Inter College to organise this impactful event.

Event Highlights

The "Manthan" Career Counselling Guidance Program at Mussoorie Girls Inter College commenced with an enlightening talk by Mr. Sawan Chandra, a renowned career counsellor from The Study Lamp Team. Leveraging his extensive experience, Mr. Chandra addressed students, emphasizing the crucial role of self-awareness and understanding individual strengths and passions in making informed career choices.

Following Mr. Chandra's insightful session, a captivating discussion unfolded featuring esteemed professionals from diverse fields, including Mrs. Santosh Arya, Ex-Vice Principal, Mussoorie Girls Inter College, Mrs. Anita Dabral, Principal, Mussoorie Girls Inter College, and Mr. Kuldeep Singh, a distinguished Career Counsellor specializing in the IT field. With a wealth of expertise, Mr. Singh not only illuminated the dynamic opportunities within the IT sector but also passionately inspired students to explore the vast realm of technology. Sharing personal experiences, challenges, and successes, Mr. Singh provided students with a real-world perspective on potential career paths in the IT industry. The interactive session allowed students to directly engage with Mr. Singh, asking questions and seeking guidance from his rich reservoir of knowledge and practical insights.

To enhance the students' learning experience, the program included hands-on workshops and activities focused on career exploration. Personality assessments and inquiry tests were conducted, allowing students to delve deeper into their interests, skills, and aptitudes. Throughout these activities, the expertise of Mrs. Arya, Mrs. Dabral, and Mr. Singh collectively added valuable dimensions to the program, providing students with specific insights and guidance related to their respective fields. The Study Lamp Team's experts, including Mr. Singh, Sarang Chandra, Co-Career Counsellor, and Khyati Gautam, Co-Career Counsellor - Junior, ensured a comprehensive and impactful career guidance program.

Media Coverage and Impact

The Career Counselling Guidance Program - Manthan, held at Mussoorie Girls Inter College, caught the attention of Rashtriya Sahara Newspaper, a leading publication in the region. The event was covered extensively on page 6 of their Mussoorie/Vikasnagar edition. The newspaper highlighted the importance of such programs in shaping the future of students and commended The Study Lamp Team for their dedication to empowering young minds.

The event had a significant impact on the participating students. It provided them with a platform to explore various career options, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions about their future. The program instilled a sense of confidence and clarity among the students, who now feel more equipped to navigate the challenging landscape of career choices.

The Career Counselling Guidance Program - Manthan, organised by The Study Lamp Team at Mussoorie Girls Inter College, proved to be a transformative experience for the students. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and insightful discussions, the event equipped young minds with the necessary tools to make informed career decisions. The media coverage by Rashtriya Sahara Newspaper further highlighted the importance of such initiatives in empowering students and shaping their futures.

By nurturing and guiding the aspirations of young individuals, initiatives like Manthan pave the way for a brighter future. The Study Lamp Team's dedication and commitment to empowering students serve as an inspiration to the education community, reinforcing the idea that with the right guidance and support, every student can realise their true potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways.