Doon Express-मसूरी GIC मैं करियर काउंसेलिंग की पाठशाला

Media Coverage

Published On: 21 May, 2023

In the competitive world of career choices, providing students with the guidance they need is crucial. The Study Lamp Team recognized this need and organised the "Manthan" Career Counselling Program at Mussoorie Girls Inter College on May 20, 2023. The event gained widespread recognition through its coverage by Doon Express, a respected digital newspaper. Let's delve into the impact of Manthan and how Doon Express highlighted its significance.

Empowering Students through Manthan

The primary goal of the Manthan Career Counselling Program was to empower students by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed career decisions. By partnering with Mussoorie Girls Inter College, The Study Lamp Team created a transformative event that aimed to shape the futures of young individuals.

Spotlight on Manthan by Doon Express

Doon Express played a vital role in amplifying the impact of Manthan through its extensive coverage. Their comprehensive article shed light on the program's objectives and showcased the expertise of The Study Lamp Team in providing valuable guidance and insights to the students. Recognizing the collaborative efforts of the organisers and the college, Doon Express commended their dedication in creating a remarkable event for the benefit of the students.

Creating Awareness and Initiating Dialogue

The coverage by Doon Express served as a catalyst in generating discussions about the importance of career counselling and guidance programs. Readers, parents, educators, and professionals were prompted to recognize the significance of comprehensive support for students in making well-informed career choices. By reaching a wide audience through its digital platform, Doon Express effectively extended the impact of Manthan beyond the confines of Mussoorie Girls Inter College.

Sawan Chandra, the Senior Career Counsellor, emphasized the importance of self-discovery, while Kuldeep Singh, the cum-Career Counsellor and IT Sector Expert, inspired students to explore opportunities in technology. Mrs. Santosh Arya highlighted aligning values with careers, and Sarang Chandra focused on recognizing individual strengths. Amreen Khan, as the Program Manager, ensured an interactive environment, and Khyati Gautam, as Co-Career Counsellor - Junior, fostered open dialogue. Payal Rai, the Coordinator of Career Counselling, witnessed the positive impact. The Doon Express coverage extended Manthan's influence beyond Mussoorie Girls Inter College, initiating discussions about the importance of career guidance programs among a broader audience.

Sustaining Momentum for Future Success

Doon Express's coverage provided validation for the efforts put into organising Manthan. It served as a motivating force for The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College to continue their commitment to empowering students through career counselling and guidance. The success of Manthan, coupled with the media exposure, has inspired the organisers to seek further collaborations and expand their reach, ensuring that more students benefit from their programs.

The media coverage of the Manthan Career Counselling Program by Doon Express has significantly amplified its impact. Through their comprehensive article, Doon Express highlighted the importance of career guidance and showcased the efforts of The Study Lamp Team and Mussoorie Girls Inter College in empowering students. The coverage initiated discussions and inspired stakeholders in the education sector to prioritise career counselling as an essential aspect of holistic education. The partnership between The Study Lamp Team and Doon Express exemplifies their shared commitment to nurturing young minds and equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their chosen careers. Together, they are paving the way for a brighter future through career counselling and guidance.